Isometric Take on Video Games
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by Juan Milanese
6 hours ago

Very Nice, Love the rocks man!

Awesome walkthrough, I really learnt a lot. It was great that Adrienne give links to other people tutorials too!

8 hours ago

Anybody get that?

Isometric Take on Video Games
2 February, 2017
Commandos, Fallout 1, Pillars of Eternity and Doom 2016 redone in a beautiful isometric way by 2 people.



Brotherhood Labs has shared some new screenshots of their isometric remakes of famous games. This time, though, there’s only one project, which actually re-imagines modern AAA-project in a new format. Taking DOOM into this new dimension is surprising and interesting.

Fallout 1 isometric mock up

Original Fallout screenshots

The other projects just take older isometric titles and bring them up to date with today’s standards. We especially like the way Fallout 1 looks in HD. It just makes us want to replay the original title.

Commandos‘ looks cool as well. This time the artists decided to take the series in the modern world. It looks like an isometric version of Splinter Cell.

Pillars of Eternity

Our favorite is the Brotherhood’s take on Pillars of Eternity. This image really shows how much you can push the visuals on a game like this. Too bad we probably won’t see the type of visuals in Pillars of Eternity sequel. Cause it’s going to be too difficult to produce.

Beautiful Desolation

The Brotherhood is currently working on its new indie adventure game Beautiful Desolation. You can check out the interview with the developers here.

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