Japanese Street Scene: Details and Set Dressing

Japanese Street Scene: Details and Set Dressing

Check out the Megascans assets and Sketchfab models compilation that will help you create the Japanese market street!

For this week’s digest, we picked some assets for the basement of the scene. For the set dressing, we recommend trying cute Sketchfab models that will help create the right mood. 

The mood of the scene is made, most of all, with lighting, so this article by Joey Lenz on the lighting techniques might be helpful.

A quite simple asphalt asset will go as a nice foundation for the ground that you also can tweak, add some cracks, for example, if you want.

2. Painted Modular Pipes Pack

A whole pack of pipes will come in handy in creating the vibe to the scene. Since it’s a Japanese street, combining details from the cultural and industrial areas will be a good choice!

Round Manhole Cover would be a good addition to the ground. There are plenty of such street details in the library, we have chosen this one, but you can pick up any other, it’s all up to you!

4. Paper Lantern

As for the style and set dressing, try paper lantern from Sketchfab. This is probably the most recognizable and common thing of the Asian street style, so why not to add it? You may also customize it a bit and add some characters.

5. Bicycle Old Style

And for the last one, check out this old-style bicycle that will fit in the scene nicely.

Find more items here.

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    Japanese Street Scene: Details and Set Dressing