Junity: Unity Conquers Young Minds in Moscow
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Junity: Unity Conquers Young Minds in Moscow
20 January, 2015

Unity is rapidly becoming one of the most approachable tools for young game developers. Even high-school kids begin to use it in their first projects. 80.lv had a chance to talk with the supporters and participants of Junity.ru – an interesting Unity-centric event that will take place in Moscow on April 19th 2015.

Game developer events tend to have a wide audience: publishers, developers, marketing people from all over the world. Junity is different. This is a small gathering for Russian students who want to develop games. You can’t take part in this jam unless you’re 19 years old or younger. Event manager Vadim Logvinov believes that Unity has a lot of potential in Russia among fans of game development.


One of the reasons why Unity is so popular among beginners is its low price and variety of functions. The other obvious advantage of Unity is simplicity. For a beginner with minimum knowledge of programming it’s much easier to learn to work with Unity. Russian developers literally fell in love with Unity, but right now it may become harder to get the license to work with the product. Unity Pro costs about $1.5k in Russia which can hardly be called a bargain. However many developers still manage to get hold of Unity and its other versions. Vadim believes that the biggest rivals of Unity in Russia are Unreal Engine and CryEngine.

Young developers are incredibly important for any big middleware supplier. These teenagers may soon become the leaders of the industry and their choice may define the future of the development platform. No wonder Russian branch of Unity supports Junity initiative.

Right now we are trying to help this young community of developers. That’s why we decided to create Junity. This is a small event that is aimed at driven young developers (younger than 19 years old). We help them to find friends, join into teams and start working on game-related projects. As we all know only collaborating in team can really help you achieve something. Small groups will be able to make higher quality games. Developers will also be able to talk with professional developers, attend lectures and master classes. Junity will help young developers to pick the right tools and accelerate development. There will be some representatives of Unity and we’ll also have people from the RealTime School. The age cap is 19 years so we expect to see a lot of students from high-schools, those kids who are passionate about game development. We’d love to meet young designers, modelers, artists.

Vadim Logvinov, Junity.ru.


The event is relatively new and few people actually know about it. Managers expect this gathering to grow into something bigger next year. But so far they need prizes, sponsors and valuable comments. If you travel to Moscow this spring, be sure to visit this small gathering or send your evangelists to woo young developers.

If you’re interested in learning more about Unity be sure to visit our vendor page and Unity Learning.

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