Kholat is coming to PS4
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This is amazing! Please tell us, What programs where used to create these amazing animations?

I am continuing development on WorldKit as a solo endeavor now. Progress is a bit slower as I've had to take a more moderate approach to development hours. I took a short break following the failure of the commercial launch, and now I have started up again, but I've gone from 90 hour work weeks to around 40 or 50 hour work weeks. See my longer reply on the future of WorldKit here: I am hard at work with research and code, and am not quite ready to start the next fund-raising campaign to open-source, so I've been quiet for a while. I hope to have a video out on the new features in the next few weeks.

Someone please create open source world creator already in C/C++.

Kholat is coming to PS4
3 February, 2016

IMGN.PRO, a company behind first person horror game Kholat announced that its game is coming to PSN on March 8th 2016. Kholat tells a story about infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident that happened 57 years ago.

The studio was founded 4 years ago as a service-oriented company, where employees have always had a dream of developing their own game. 


The initial idea was that we’re making a horror game which is somehow different. While searching for the inspiration we have red about many scary stories from different parts of the world. Dyatlov Pass incident was the one that we found most disturbing. It’s a real story, which involved real people and although many years that have passed, there’s still no explanation of it.

Łukasz Kubiak, co-owner of IMGN.PRO


Initially, game was planned as a tale of father who lost his child. Then it became a story of a group of russian students, who went for an a expedition in the Northern Ural Mountains, but weren’t able to reach their goal and all died because of mysterious circumstances. Player is given a chance to solve the mystery years after the tragical events. The project is being created with the help of Unreal Engine 4.


In terms of the game form, we had considered many concepts including also these weird and experimental. That was until we played Dear Esther for the first time. We were impressed by they way in which the story was told, and we thought that it might be a good base to start with our game. Of course in Kholat we have implemented our own approach to it.

Łukasz Kubiak, co-owner of IMGN.PRO

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