Kickstarter games breakdown for 2015
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Kickstarter games breakdown for 2015
15 February, 2016

Gamasutra presented its breakdown for 2015’s games on Kickstarter. As it is stated games were among three of the top categories to rush the growth of the platform. Last year games generated 78% more cash than in 2014 and that is a good sign.

31-ks_games_2015_USD_pledged 32-ks_games_2015_USD_raised

It is worth mentioning that the number of titles funded increased by 14% reaching a point of 2258 games funded. Games from all tiers tend to show growth in funding, so it’s not only huge titles to push Kickstarter stats. Also, it occurs that gamers are interested in all types of projects.

Gamasutra also presented its analysis of different Kickstarter subcategories: the games, gaming hardware, live games, mobile games, playing cards and puzzles subcategories. These categories represent a total of 497 projects funded, which is 22% of all the Games category. The analysis is quite curious. For example, researcher calls live games the niche category: it show growth but not many people know about those projects. Mobile games is the niche category too: very few are funded with little money.

43-ks_games_2015_mobile_projects 43-ks_games_2015_mobile_raisedpertierYou can check out the whole breakdown at gamasutra. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the Kickstarter funding in the comments.


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