Kiko: Handling Animation Curve Data
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by Vitaly Lashkov
55 min ago

Ok, what about LODs and billboards in "most commonly used method"..? In comparing, Most commonly used method can help me to reach less synthetic look. And with progressive LODs keep overdraw on predictable level. Brutforce approach never works - confirmed)

честно сказать я в ахуе

finally some good news

Kiko: Handling Animation Curve Data
16 September, 2018

Toolchefs have presented Kiko, a new open-source tool written in Python that can help you facilitate the sharing of animation curve data in large workflows. A post from Toochefs states that “Kiko stands for Keys-In-Keys-Out. It was designed specifically to handle animation curves data in a pipeline-friendly way, but it can do much more. With Kiko, you can define operators that can handle different kinds of data per item or channel and can work automatically across different DCCs.”

Currently, the tool supports Autodesk Maya and The Foundry Nuke.

Kiko was built by Toolchefs LTD, a team that decided to contribute to the industry making it open source. The team is now looking for contributors to support more DCCs and write new operators.

You can learn more by checking out Toolchef’s website.

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