KitBash3d: New 3d Asset Store
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Thanks! What is your CPU and amount of RAM? I'm thinking of getting an Intel Core i7-8750H and 16GB of Ram.

by sanek94cool
2 hours ago

What Bikmambetov is going to do there? He can only share how to make stupid movies :)

This would be so much more interesting if they'd offer help with housing and integration with a crash course in Japanese. Having some knowledge of the Japanese language and culture should be a pre but in my honest opinion, not a must. That would make this job hunt a much more relevant subject of interest.

KitBash3d: New 3d Asset Store
12 September, 2017

KitBash3d is a new store, which sells 3D architectural asset libraries for CG artists and designers. It provides a very high-level set of assets, which can help to create CG environments faster, cheaper and easier. Will work for concept artists, illustrators, and matte painters. No game ready assets.

The first set of kits including Gothic, Art Deco, Neo Tokyo and Arabia architectural elements. New styles will be added to the collection each month! The kits are not cheap. Each kit is available at a cost of $199. All the assets have clean geometry, mid-poly counts and pre-UVed textures. All assets are application agnostic and integrate seamlessly into workflows.

To help promote this launch, KitBash3d has teamed up with Learn Squared, an online educational platform for artists, to present The KitBash3d Festival. The festival will feature live streamed KitBash3d project demonstrations from industry veterans such as art director Ash Thorp (Ghost in the Shell and War for the Planet of the Apes), concept artist Darek Zabrocki (Maze Runner 3, Destiny 2) and art director Nick Hiatt (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) on Learn Squared’s Twitch Channel, from September 13-October 3. To sign up for The KitBash3d Festival updates and to recieve a free sample kit from KitBash3d, register here:

We’re really excited to team up with Learn Squared to showcase our new kits. Learn Squared is an invaluable resource for the digital art community, serving constant inspiration and motivation, and we hope to do the same in our own way with KitBash.

KitBash3d co-founder Maxx Burman

As part of our launch, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the industry’s top professionals and bring them directly in touch with the global artist community. With the online festival, audiences can tune in live and interact with their favorite artists “on stage” demoing their unique creative processes.

KitBash3d co-founder Banks Boutté

We hope to publish more about this amazing store in the future.

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