Konami Issues Apology and Explains Going Mobile
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Konami Issues Apology and Explains Going Mobile
31 May, 2015

Not too long ago, there was news that Konami would be moving away from console gaming and focusing on the mobile  market. This was devastating news to many fans, but Konami has recently released a statement with more context to give more insight into the future of their company and the direction they will go.


Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain © Konami

After all this unrest and pouring outcry from the press and fans alike about Konami’s statement to move away from console gaming, it turns out that they actually are not leaving consoles behind at all. The real truth is that Konami went through a huge structural reorganization in March. The goal of that was to solidify the company’s ability to have an accurate observation of customer demands and market trends so that they can respond in the correct manner to adapt to an ever-changing digital entertainment industry.

We are aware that the conjecture surrounding our recent changes has prompted a great deal of anxiety, for which we apologize

The reorganization includes a repositioning of their production studios to shift the development of their games into a more centralized production division system. It also looks like Hideo Kojima (creator of the beloved Metal Gear Solid series) and his team are still hard at work finishing up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainKonami also said that they will continue to release products for both the Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill series. This is great news considering the fear of losing both game series due to the lack of context in the information shared previously.

Although they will be creating games for mobile, they will not abandon consoles, arcades, and cards. They will continue to be the Konami that people love and cherish.

Source: allgamesbeta.com


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