Landscape Architect - Procedural UE Landscape Generator
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Just updated it!

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Landscape Architect - Procedural UE Landscape Generator
14 February, 2017
One of the members of Unreal Engine community, Ali Akbar, is working on a tool called Landscape Architect. It is a procedural landscape generator, which lets you design and build landscapes within the UE4 editor workflow, automatically taking care of setting up the materials, foliage, world composition and other essential details. 

The toolkit supports two types of procedural landscapes:

Heightmap Based

Voxel Based

The tool is like a perfect solution for creating your own No Man’s Sky or even Star Citizen with so much possibilities. The developer is constantly upgrading the toolkit, adding more and more features. You can follow the progress here

The developer has implemented a perlin noise node that creates the basic structure for mountains and an erosion node that runs erosion algorithm over the mountain to make it look more realistic. He is working on adding other nodes for better results. 

We hope to get a version of this masterpiece as soon as possible. Make sure to share your thoughts on the tool in the comments below.

Source: Ali Akbar

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astroneer and this game is not on the same studio?