Learn All About Dynamic Audio in Rainbow Six Siege
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This is great. Keeping UVs at 90 degrees never occurred to me but it makes so much sense it seems obvious in retrospect

Unless I'm mistaken, this is how Shadow of the Colossus handles the fur on the Colossi

by Nate Lane
4 hours ago

Awesome breakdown Simon!

Learn All About Dynamic Audio in Rainbow Six Siege
18 January, 2017
So if you’re into sound production and want to learn some ways to use sounds in your first person game, devote some time to this exciting article from Gamasutra. This write-up by Louis Philippe Dion (Ubisoft Montreal) is entirely devoted to figuring out the perfect way to use sound in your game. The main topic of the article is the dynamic sound propagation in a destructible environment (namely in Rainbow Six: Siege).

There are basically three main concepts in the physics of sound propagation: Reflection, which is when a sound bounces off surfaces; Absorption, which is when a sound passes through a wall but absorbs certain frequencies along the way; and Diffraction, which is when sound travels around objects. You can hear these phenomenon in everyday sounds. Many other factors of real life come into play for localizing sound but I will focus only on the propagation side of physics and how we managed to simulate it.

Louis Philippe Dion

Louis talks about the physics of sound in games, how you can work with it and simulate it and explains how you can benefit from using dynamic sound systems in your game. Read the full version of the article at Gamasutra!

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