Learn New Workflows with NVIDIA Studio YouTube Channel

Check out the new NVIDIA Studio YouTube channel, a creative resource full of exclusive tutorials, showcases, and more.

NVIDIA recently launched the NVIDIA Studio YouTube channel, an educational resource to help enhance your artistic workflows. NVIDIA's industry-leading GPUs, paired with NVIDIA Studio Drivers, accelerate creative apps with the best performance and reliability. 

There are already over 50 free tutorials on the channel revealing the step-by-step workflow of experienced artists. Choose whatever you like: quick 1-minute “Studio Shortcuts” featuring tips and tricks for the most common software or dive into the finer details in-depth “Studio Sessions” tutorials recorded in real-time. 

The YouTube channel includes walkthroughs for all steps of the creation process. Some of the artists that we had a chance to talk to also shared their knowledge on the channel. For instance, Jacob Norris is a pro when it comes to creating realistic natural materials. He showcased his workflow in Substance Alchemist and explained his approach to tiles production. A very detailed guide that is a perfect starting point for beginners.

Jacob also shared a few tips for Photoshop users that will help speed up the workflow using Action Scripts. If you rely on the Adobe tool pretty often, don't miss out!

Another awesome artist with whom we had an opportunity to discuss artistic visuals for games is Darek Zabrocki. He also partnered with NVIDIA to share his way of creating cinematic lighting in Octane Render and 3DS Max.

Check out the Studio YouTube channel for more. 

If you’re interested in the RTX-accelerated hardware, NVIDIA Studio offers a wide range of powerful laptops, upgraded with its GPUs.

Be sure to follow the NVIDIA Studio Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels for news and updates!

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