Lion: A New Real-Time Demo Made by Unity

The demo showcases the results of Unity's acquisition of Wētā Digital, SpeedTree, Ziva Dynamics, and SyncSketch.

During the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, Unity revealed Lion, an awesome new real-time tech demo that depicts two extremely-realistic lions made using Unity's tools. According to the team, the demo was created to showcase the results of collaboration between multiple artists and developers from Wētā Digital, SpeedTree, Ziva, and SyncSketch, all recently acquired by Unity, as well as the engine's own tools. The creators also stated that Lion is capable of running at 30 FPS at 4K on PlayStation 5.

"Lion marks a key milestone for our Unity Art Tools and illustrates our ongoing work to build tools that empower creators," stated the company in its new blog post. "This collaborative demo showcases what happens when artists and developers work together at the production level to push the boundaries of what’s possible for real-time, high-fidelity visuals."

On top of that, the developers also shared a short breakdown of the project, telling how the demo assets were created and enhanced with machine-learning-powered Ziva RT deformations, explaining how vegetation assets were made and optimized with SpeedTree, speaking about achieving extremely-realistic fur with Wētā Digital’s hair and fur groom tool called Wig, talking about the importance of SyncSketch's technologies that allowed for remote teamwork, and sharing the rendering and lighting workflows in Unity.

"We want to ensure that our tools work together and enable creators to have great workflows for authoring characters and creatures end-to-end. So, part of the goal behind creating this demo was to help validate our Unity Art Tools in a production setting, solving real production needs that artists face on a regular basis and making our tools and workflows better and more robust throughout," says Unity's  Natalya Tatarchuk.

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