Liquor and strippers killed ant simulator

Liquor and strippers killed ant simulator

Instead of developing the game, Ant Simulator’s leaders decided to spend all the money on liquor, restaurants, and strippers, so

Instead of developing the game, Ant Simulator’s leaders decided to spend all the money on liquor, restaurants, and strippers, so the money raised through crowdfunding is gone.

ETeeski raised money for a game on Steam and a PlayStation 4 through fundraising page, which cannot be found anymore. Although, you can still find game’s description on the official website.

If the game was released, you would have played an ant and seen the world from an ant’s point of view.

Eric Tereshinski, the programmer, who worked on the project for more than a year posted a video saying that Ant Simulator was canceled and he was resigning from ETeeski.

This is going to be the worst video I’ve ever had to make. Ant Simulator is going to be canceled. I can’t work on Ant Simulator anymore. I recently found out my ex business partners were secretly stealing company money. They had secretly spent the overwhelming majority of both our Kickstarter money and the Ant Simulator investment money on liquor, restaurants, bars, and even strippers. This is the reason it has become exceedingly clear to me that I cannot have my career associated with these guys.

Eric Tereshinski

He said his ex partners would sue him if he released the game himself. Tereshinski said he trusted them, signed a partnership agreement with them, and he had been friends with them for 11 years.



The game was being developed with the Unity 5 engine.

I’m very pissed off I lost money. I lost over a year in work. And I lost a game that I loved and I was proud of and I was really looking forward to releasing on Steam and PS4,” Tereshinski said. “It was supposed to be my first big step in really taking a shot at making video games as a career. But I have to start over now.


Eric Tereshinski

Here’s a description of the game’s synopsis from the company’s web site.

The sound of dirt crumbling echos through the underground tunnels. Your tiny mandibles loosen debris from the walls. It is your duty to create the fortress and home for both yourself and all the ant sisters of your colony. Eggs, babies, workers, food, the royal queen herself; such precious life is guarded by this fortress from the trials and dangers of the surface, just millimeters above. But underground we cannot live forever. Food from the surface must be found and gathered to our underground hold. Sugar is easy enough to find among the trash that humans litter on the ground. Worker ants thrive on sugar. They will work all day gathering more food, tending the eggs and babies, watching after the care of the queen. Soldiers, however, require protein to grow into the gladiators they are. It will be up to you and the bravest of the ant worriers to hunt the wild creatures of the tall grasslands. Pill bugs (rolly poly) are easy enough to take down. Heavy plates of armor make the beast slow. Our sharp jaws eventually find their way through the shell. Times seem bountiful, but watch the shadows. Spiders lurk there. They are many times larger than our soldiers, and they are hungry for our food as well.

Art Simulator’s Official Website


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