Livestream - Demystifying Copyright & Trademark for Developers
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What European universities would you recommend?

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Livestream - Demystifying Copyright & Trademark for Developers
10 January, 2018

The Epic team is getting ready for another amazing livestream. Canon Pence, General Counsel, and Amanda Bott, Community Manager, will discuss copyright and trademark laws which are related to video games. That’s something you don’t want to miss. 


Copyright and trademark laws are often complex and obscure, especially regarding their enforcement in video games. Canon Pence, Epic’s General Counsel, will cover some basics of such laws, while conducting a Q&A for our audience to ask all questions related to copyright and trademark.


Thursday, January 11th @ 2:00PM ET – Countdown



  • Canon Pence – General Counsel
  • Amanda Bott – Community Manager – @amandambot

You can post any questions you have here. The team will gather them and answer on the livestream.

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