Lone Echo: Photogrammetry Goes in Space?
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Lone Echo: Photogrammetry Goes in Space?
7 October, 2016

Ready At Dawn, which created The Order 1886, has finally announced its newest game for Oculus.

Ready At Dawn Studios is one of the most technically advanced companies of our industry. This production house was one of the first studios to utilize 3d scanning to achieve an unprecedented realism in its Victorian shooter ‘The Order 1886’. With its next game Lone Echo the company makes a brave push into space and virtual reality.


We didn’t have the opportunity to play the game, but it seems like some of our colleagues did have that chance. The game is very realistic. you play as an astronaut (actually I believe a robot-astronaut), who helps the team to fix some things and understand some crazy space anomalies. The game fully supports Oculus Touch, which gives it a very cool way to move around the place. Like a real space explorer, you have to grab to different things to actually move forward and not to fly away into orbit. Think ‘Gravity’ and ‘Moon’ pressed together.


There’s also a multiplayer component to this incredible tale. You’ll be able to compete with others in an Echo Arena. There’s not so many details in this part of the game.

The technology behind ‘Lone Echo‘ is still a very much a mystery. However, we can make some assumptions. We believe that they do use a lot of photogrammetry here with characters and materials. Let’s wait till the game releases and the team behind it will share some information.

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