Lonely Mountains: Low Poly Bike Madness
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7, Mar — 1, Jun
SEATTLE US   19, Apr — 22, Apr
Kharkiv UA   20, Apr — 21, Apr
Los Angeles US   23, Apr — 25, Apr
Breda NL   24, Apr — 25, Apr
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by Stijn van Gaal
2 hours ago

yeah thats what I have as well. Its enough but in 2 years you'll probably want a little more. At least 32 gb ram for a little more serious work.


by Ryan Kingslien
22 hours ago

So proud of you Alina!!!!!!

Lonely Mountains: Low Poly Bike Madness
1 September, 2017

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a new game from Megagon Industries. It is an independent studio from Berlin, founded by Jan Bubenik, Severin Brettmeister and Daniel Helbig. This company developed and launched “… and then it rained” and “Twisted Lines”. Currently, they are working on their first PC title.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game with responsive and fun controls. The interesting thing is that there’s totally an open level design here. You can literally drive anywhere, enjoying the amazing low poly landscapes with forests, narrow trails and wild rivers.

Among the main features of this game is the custom physics. The devs created a custom bike physics system to achieve very tight and fun controls. The other thing is the world design: you can go anywhere, you can die a hundred different times and you can also check out the secret locations, hidden across the mountains. It literally plays in an incredible way.

Lonely Mountains is currently going to Kickstarter, where they’re going to get some more money for developing more stuff. Let’s hope we’ll see the game today finally.

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