Making Fortnite Battle Royal Work on All Platforms

Making Fortnite Battle Royal Work on All Platforms

What does it take to make Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale work on PCs, consoles and mobile platforms?

What does it take to make Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale (FNBR) work on PCs, consoles and mobile platforms? How did the Epic team manage to make the game look great, at the same time maintaining necessary performance? The team has shared an article on their solution that would be both easy to maintain while allowing the title to look and play the same.

Here is a little piece to get you interested:

When talking about crossplay in the context of Fortnite Battle Royal (FNBR), we are referring to players from different platforms (like PC, console, and mobile) being able to play together on the same server in the same map with the same set of assets.  While this is an incredible feat, it did present a few art and engineering obstacles that had to be tackled.

What Is One-to-One:


One major challenge that was key in making crossplay in FNBR a reality was being able to have a single map and a set of assets that could work across all platforms. The reason that this was so important is that to have a true crossplay experience, the map and all the items in it need to maintain a one-to-onerelation with one another. The phrase one-to-one refers to the idea that no matter what platform you play FNBR on, the map and all the assets contained within the map are going to be the same. The actual map and assets you see in the PC game are the same as the ones on consoles and mobile devices.  This way, no platform has an advantage (or disadvantage) resulting from missing or differing content.

One Mesh to Rule Them All: 


Getting the same map and set of assets to run on a wide range of hardware required some significant changes to the way the Level of Detail (LOD) system worked. Don’t worry too much; the LOD system still works in the same way but now offers a new setting, Minimum LOD, which allows you to specify how LODs are used on a per-platform basis. To get a better idea of how this works, check out the following example image of a Static Mesh and its three LOD’s that were created using the Automatic LOD Generation tool.     

When this Static Mesh is used on a PC, all three Static Meshes can be used because PCs (generally) have lots of memory. 


Epic Games 

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