Manticore Games is Looking for a Character Technical Artist

The developer and operator of the Core Metaverse is seeking an experienced Character Technical Artist to work on the characters for a massive range of games from shooter, survival, and action-adventure to MMORPGs, platformers, and party games.  

Manticore Games is a creator of a premier metaverse platform featuring live events, interactive entertainment, and more than 50,000 games and worlds to play and explore. The team was established by industry veterans from Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Respawn, Xfire, Roblox, Trion Worlds, Crystal Dynamics, and Zynga.  

Currently, the team is seeking a motivated, and skilled Character Technical Artist. You will help build exciting stylized avatars and characters for a vast range of games and experiences spanning many themes and genres. 


  • Creating and maintaining animation rigs, tools, and workflows
  • Designing and setting up real-time character dynamics (cloth, hair, chains, etc)
  • Developing facial rigs using joints and pose assets
  • Working with the animation team to create artist-friendly rigs that satisfy animation and gameplay needs
  • Working with art teams to develop models that meet technical requirements
  • Assisting the animation team in troubleshooting setup and animation problems as they arise
  • Integrating artwork from internal and external sources to game systems including Blueprint Asset content, Data Assets, and Character Parts, for use in the game 
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  • Strong Maya rigging/setup skills
  • Understanding of human and animal anatomy
  • Python and MEL scripting proficiency
  • A minimum of 3 years of production experience in game development
  • Previous experience with UE4 or other AAA game engines
  • Ability to collaborate effectively across disciplines such as art, design and engineering
  • High level of comfort and familiarity with version control and asset management solutions (Perforce, git, etc) 

You may learn more and apply for this role on the 80LV Job Board.  

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