Tiefling Rogue: From Original Concept to 3D Character

Katie Humes did a breakdown on her recent amazing character project, shared her approach to learning new techniques, discussed her sculpting and retopology workflow and talked about animation. 


Katie Humes

Published on

Dec 12, 2019

Weapon Art: Chiappa Rhino Production Guide

Justin Akiyama did a breakdown on the project that he created during the CGMA Weapons and Props for Games course, discussed the most important steps in the gun production and shared his texturing workflow.


Justin Akiyama

Published on

Nov 22, 2019

Civilization VI Fan Art: Substance Designer Workflow

Hugo Ducrocq did a huge breakdown on his recent project, Civilization VI fan art, talked about his workflow with hexagonal tiles and details in Substance Designer and shared some tips on working on customization. 


Hugo Ducrocq

Published on

Nov 19, 2019

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