Marvelous Designer 5 Announced
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Marvelous Designer 5 Announced
21 July, 2015

CLO Virtual Fashion has announced Marvelous Designer 5 which is a cloth design and simulation software. Marvelous Designer’s innovative pattern-based approach has been used in movies such as The Hobbit and The Adventures of Tintin, and top game studios like EA Konami. It’s scheduled to be released September 15, and comes with a multitude of new features and changes.

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This 3D virtual clothing tool allows you to be time-efficient and create the most high-quality fashion designs. From detailed pleated dresses to worn-out uniforms, Marvelous Designer virtually replicates fabric textures and physical properties to the smallest detail. Here are some new changes and features that come with Marvelous Designer 5:

  • Cut Pattern – cutting patterns in 2D is now available
  • Offset as Internal Line – input specific measurements to offset patterns and segments as Internal Lines
  • Fold Arrangement – fold seam allowance, collars, and cuffs in the 3D Window before Simulation is activated
  • Direct Positioning – use the Direct Positioning tool to easily arrange patterns and OBJs on the Avatar and garment
  • Sewing Line Type – apply the Turned Sewing Line Type setting to achieve a folded, two-ply look
  • Side Geometry – apply and adjust the curvature of pattern edges, and/or express hems with facing
  • Align – align point, lines to the vertical (X) and horizontal (Y) axis
  • Round Corner  – performs the rounding of the edges and corners of 3D shapes along a 2D profile
  • UV Guidelines – they can now be displayed, letting you view and interactively edit the UVs
  • Avatar Size Measurement – there are two methods to obtain the avatar’s length measurement. The Basic Length Measurement method takes a straight measurement, while the Surface Length Measurement method takes a measurement by following the curves of the avatar’s surface. A Height Measurement function, that takes the avatar’s height measurement from the avatar’s height and the ground, is also provided.
  • Coordinate Gizmo – available in Select, Move and Rotate modes
  • Import Camera in FBX format

You can find more information about this on Marvelous Designer’s Website.

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