Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam
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by Lincoln Hughes
4 hours ago

Nice, yeah could be a good exercise to try out :) Thanks guys

by Max Disipiio
4 hours ago

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Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam
25 November, 2016
CLO Virtual Fashion has released Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam with good performance and enhanced features. This official release includes support for 3 additional languages (English, Korean and Chinese) and Windows build.

Marvelous Designer 6 Personal for Steam is available for Windows at a promotional price $320. It’s also currently 30% OFF sale on Steam. 

Steam version is personal version and it is available to use for commercial purpose, but it cannot be used by commercial organization.






Accurate with Highest Quality

Rather than spend countless days on manual sculpting, artists can now focus on the creative expressions. Natural wrinkles formed automatically by Marvelous Designer

Effective & Efficient

  • Create one clothing to fit various body types.
  • Standardized highest quality result for every artist
  • Diverse transformation from one clothing asset
  • Easy simulation to create normal map

Fast & Easy

Create natural wrinkles with simple pattern creation bringing faster workflow process. And it is easy to use even for beginners.

Pattern Creation and Editing

Users can create and edit rectangular, circular, or any other polygon shaped patterns.

Segment and Free Sewing

Users can create and edit seam lines with in sewing directions and range.

Arrangement Points and Bounding Volume

Arrangement Points and Arrangement Bounding Volume are used for proper placement of patterns around the avatar. All pieces of pattern should be arranged in proper position around the avatar for the stable simulation.

Fabric Physical Properties

Enable precise simulation from the original fabric material. Physical Property section contains information about fabric behavior with several values that define material characteristics. Users can manually change physical property or simply select preset physical property which is already defined.

Pin Manipulation

Users can manipulate multiple vertices/pins with Point/Box/Lasso tools.


Across modeling and animation, data between software including Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Modo and ZBrush can be imported/exported.

Fast & Accurate clothing simulation with Animation Editor

Users can load, edit and save 3D clothes file used in the animation record. The recorded animation can be imported/exported to 3DS Max or Maya as Maya Cache, Point Cache2, MDD Point Cache.

Author: Artyom Sergeev

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