Masahiro Sakurai: Super Smash Bros. Is Not a Good Fit for Online Play

The franchise creator believes that Super Smash Bros. is better suited for local competition for both philosophical and technical reasons.

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros., believes that the franchise that he played a pivotal role in shaping may not be well-suited for online gameplay.

In his recent YouTube video on game development, Sakurai delved into the topic of incorporating online play into the Super Smash Bros. series for the Wii and shared why he felt that the franchise was better suited for local competition, citing both philosophical and technical factors.

"I don't think online play and Smash Bros. are a very good fit for each other," he said. "One of the best parts of Smash Bros. is how players can become champions among their friends. But being subjected to online competition can cause people to lose confidence, which isn't great."

Sakurai also acknowledged the issue of connection problems, which often result in a less-than-pleasant gaming experience. However, he emphasized that his personal opinion is not always the decisive factor in the development process.

"Network lag tends to make the game a pretty choppy experience," Sakurai said. "Still, when it comes to technical issues, it doesn't really matter what I personally think. If my job is to do it, I'll do it."

It appears that if Sakurai had complete control, he would prefer Smash Bros. to continue as a game primarily focused on local competitions. However, Nintendo seemed to hold the belief that this approach might restrict the franchise's audience.

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