Master Fluids in Houdini

CGMA's 8-week master class has everything you need to know about Houdini's FLIP fluids. 

This course covers the essentials of creating large-scale water simulations in Houdini. It helps you acquire production-ready knowledge and skills for VFX and film industry. This is a perfect choice for those who already know a bit about Houdini's basic tools and functions. 

The first and the second weeks are dedicated to FLIP basics and teach you about the difference between FLIP and POP fluid solver, explain how FLUID works, what types of simulations it can create, how to post-process your FLIP projects. The third week is all about selling scale and making your simulations feel big and powerful. You learn how to choose references, set up scale and speed, create simple waves and waterfalls. 

By the end of this course, students should feel confident in developing, problem-solving, and tackling a wide variety of water types effects and have good production-ready knowledge of and working practices for Houdini Fluid.

On week 4, you learn about fields (Pumps, Sinks, Divergence, Vorticity), and weeks 5 and 6 are about building your shot. You learn to set up the scene, create the environment, blend water elements, and more.

In the final weeks, you learn how to post-process, light, and render your scene. The lessons include theory on camera culling, water bending, adding extra passes, lighting and shading, render optimization, and other important aspects of fluid simulation. 

Edward Ferrysienanda is the instructor who teaches the fluid FX simulation in Houdini. Edward is a Lead FX TD at Framestore London who has worked on the Oscar-Winning “The Jungle Book”, "Suicide Squad", "Thor: Ragnarok", "Alita Battle Angel", "The Mandalorian", and other titles.

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