Mastering Character Art Workflow at Vertex School

Check out a few courses at Vertex School that will help upgrade your character art workflow whether you're working in photorealism, game characters production, or looking for ways to enhance your skills in creating cinematic characters. 

Photo Realistic Portrait 

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Learn the workflow for creating a realistic portrait with Piotr Kujko, Character and Asset Artist in Platige Image. 

During the course, you will learn:

  • The full process of sculpting and preparing facial models for presentation
  • How to establish proper form and proportions
  • How to work on anatomical and facial details
  • Creating proper human-based texture

Fantasy Character Portraits

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Dive into the fantasy characters production with Evan Gintsiak, the 3D Character artist. 

The course includes the full process of modeling and sculpting characters' portraits from start to finish.

Covered production steps:

  • collecting references
  • blocking in and sculpting the character
  • moving into retopology and UVs
  • texturing and presenting.

You will also focus on the nuances of forms, structures, workflow, and presentation.

Character Sculpting In ZBrush

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Get insights into character’s sculpting and designing from Sam Greenwell, who’s been in the industry for over 25 years. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the ZBrush workflow as well as the right mindset for designing the character, find out about proper resources for character development.

Character Creation for Games

Upgrade your character production workflow for games under the guidance of Siamak Roshani. 

The course will focus you on the technical aspect of character creation for games as well as learn studios’ approach to it. 

Course details: 

  • Fundamentals Of Houdini
  • Fracturing & Attributes workflow 
  • Setting Up the Controls for the HDA Parameter
  • Moving your HDA Parameter from Houdini to Unity
  • Working with Height Fields
  • Hair Generation in XGen
  • Lighting Theories and Presentation

Modeling & Sculpting Blendshapes

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Learn the process of working on realistic blend shapes for films and games with Abdelrahman Shebl. 

The course will cover the overview of basic blendshapes, the principals of deforming the blend shapes, the fundamentals of facial actions and expressive reactions recreation, and cleaning up the topology. 

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