May Unity Assets with 50% Discount

May Unity Assets with 50% Discount

MAY MADNESS SALE on Unity Asset Store is in full swing and to make your life easier, we’ve gathered a few best-selling products with 50% off in one list!

MAY MADNESS SALE on Unity Asset Store is in full swing and the prices for lots of assets were cut in half. To make your life easier, we’ve gathered a few best-selling products with 50% off in one list: optimization, UI management, shaders, terrain production, effects, dynamic animations, and a mesh baker. 

Amplify Impostors & Amplify Shader Editor

Amplify Impostors is an easy and fast optimization solution that’ll help you to deal with geometry and Amplify Shader Editor is an award-winning alternative for Unity shader graph editor that should suit anyone who wants to create custom shaders. By the way, last year we’ve had an interview with one of the creators, so you can learn more about Amplify Impostors here.

DoozyUI: Complete UI Management System

As the name of the asset says, DoozyUI a complete User Interface management system for Unity. It’s flexible, well-documented, utterly user-focused and should turn tedious UI work into a swift process.

Final IK & Puppet Master

Final IK and Puppet Master by RootMotion are irreplaceable packages for creating smooth realistic animations, experimenting with physics, dynamic interactions, and simply bringing your game to life.

Mesh Baker

Mesh Baker is a time-proven tool for reducing draw calls and gaining more FPS. It allows combining meshes and materials, fixing imported models and creating atlases for sharing materials, baking tiling textures, adjusting UVs and more.

Terrain Tools by Procedural Worlds

Products by Procedural Worlds enjoy well-deserved popularity since they are well thought-out, multipurpose, and extremely useful. You probably have heard about Gaia and GeNa 2 already, the systems for Unity that ease the process of producing outstanding natural environments and terrains. Today is a great chance to get them at a discount of 50%.

Complete Terrain Shader is another award-winning asset for terrain production created by Procedural Worlds and NatureManufacture. It comes with a PBR texture library and many functions to let you create a terrain shading system.

Effects by kripto289

Finally, here’s a selection of gorgeous effects made by kripto289. Nothing much to say here – just see for yourself.


Let us know if you want to add something to this list!

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  • Alexandru Mares

    The video posted for DoozyUI is not accurate (it's from the previous version).
    DoozyUI - Complete UI Management System for Unity
    Install Guide for version 3:
    Getting Started for version 3:


    Alexandru Mares

    ·9 months ago·

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