Maya Hansen Talks Creating Outfits for Dishonored 2
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This is great. Keeping UVs at 90 degrees never occurred to me but it makes so much sense it seems obvious in retrospect

Unless I'm mistaken, this is how Shadow of the Colossus handles the fur on the Colossi

by Nate Lane
4 hours ago

Awesome breakdown Simon!

Maya Hansen Talks Creating Outfits for Dishonored 2
29 November, 2016
Dishonored 2 is all about details: developers thought out game’s plot, architecture, how local character act and more. There was one more special thing though – the fashion. Paste reports that Arkane Studios decided to ask Spanish fashion designer Maya Hansen to create outfits for Emily Kaldwin and Delilah.


Hansen’s work is popular among many celebrities: Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Italian pop singer Laura Pausini, and  Violet Chachki to name a few. First of all, it’s her first project for the video game title.

I found it very interesting working on a character from the designs and ideas that have been created for the videogame since we, as fashion designers, can contribute our own point of view to support the development of the videogame story.

Maya Hansen


Designing outfits for video game characters with no story or background might be tough, but that wasn’t the case with Dishonored:

It’s really fascinating to discover how extensively the designers of the videogame developed [both Delilah and Emily]. It was impressive to receive so much information in advance. Once we started defining their style, it was relatively easy to offer different possibilities. It’s very interesting to have that much information about the characters for which you are going to design something, because they are the ones that will tell you what kind of fabric, what colors, or what shapes they would like to wear.

Maya Hansen





May Hansen has shared some of the details on her creative process with Paste, showing her original sketches and talking about the characters. For example, she talked about Emily’s image:

Emily is a very dynamic character and she feels very modern and mysterious at the same time.

EMILY Sketch - Maya Hansen.jpg

Seems to have a darkness about her and this is what we wanted to highlight; that’s the reason we went with black for her clothes and why we thought she had to use technical materials like neoprene and fishnets, but also comfortable materials that allow mobility and adapt to her athletic body shape. All of her clothing is basically black except for a few golden patterns that show, again, a more classical, intricate and opulent style.

Emilie_colors paste.jpg

Emily-costume-study paste.jpg


Emily_portrait_01_sm paste.jpg

I found [Dishonored 2’s] concept very interesting and inspiring. The combination of Victorian aesthetics with dark characters and a touch of steampunk is something that has been present during the process, and I have also been using these a lot in my collections. I enjoyed…being able to expand such an inspiration in several different and more innovative directions that maybe the game designers didn’t think about.

You can find more information on working with fashion in games here along with story of Delilah’s outfits. 

Author: Artyom Sergeev

Source: Paste

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