Megascans Digest: 1970s New York City Street

Check out 5 assets from Megascans Library that will help recreate the cute winter scene.

For this week’s digest, we took a photo from the collection of parked cars under street lamps in 1970s New York City and picked up assets that can be helpful in recreating the scene. Check it out!

For the building’s wall, you can go with any texture you’d like. You can find the asset that will be as close as possible to the original one, or you can go and experiment with it a little bit. We chose the Damaged Concrete Wall since it will work nicely as the basement, and its texture will add the atmosphere and realism to the scene.

We aren’t sure if this is just a crossing or the entrance to the subway station, but these huge white tiles will come in handy both ways, so why not try them? Tweak a bit, add some details, and you are ready to go!

There is no urban winter scene without tire tracks on the road. We found this awesome asset that will be a good addition here. To add or not to add is up to you!

For the entrance, check these rough subway tiles. They look like quite common tiles for such places. Add some details like snow and ice, and the ground is done!

And the last one, a coating asset for the car. You can get creative and make the car you think will look best in the scene, or you can try to recreate the one from the photo. This asset might come in handy, adjust it the way you want, add the wear-and-tear look, and it’s all good!

If you are interested in creating a winter scene, we recommend checking the breakdown by  Andrew Lund on his UE4 project.

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    Megascans Digest: 1970s New York City Street