Megascans Digest: Castle Ruins Production

Megascans Digest: Castle Ruins Production

For this week's Megascans Digest, we chose 5 awesome materials from Castle Ruins Collection in Megascans Library. Check them out!

There's always something intriguing and mystical about the medieval castle's ruins which are quite common for games, to be honest. Some artists get inspired by the architecture of Medieval Europe and create unbelievably realistic environments, keeping the atmosphere and adding plenty of details that define the age. 

We talked to Hamid Khoshbakht about the production of the medieval castle, and he gave a nice breakdown on creating the scene - check it out if you are interested in getting into small details and crafting this amazing stuff. Do keep in mind, though, that the process will take time! 

If you want to make the process faster, then take a look at the Castle Ruins Collection and those 5 essential materials of the ruins that we've chosen for you!

Building the castle always means dealing with stones and bricks, so we suggest you try this material. It's a bit broken, worn-out with some stains on it and has miscellaneous tints and texture. Give it a try!

If you want to work on the interior or the entrance, then these stairs could be a perfect choice! They've seen better times, look like thousands of people have walked there and are made of the typical stone-textured material. They will definitely work for the atmosphere!

Have you been in some old castle in Europe? At least, you should have seen it in the movies. Arches are a must-have there! They are one of the essential features of medieval castles. This one is covered in a thin layer of moss that adds an aged look to it. Consider adding this asset to your scene, it will work nicely!

Broken floor stones can be used in the different  old, abandoned environments. You can use this one since it's quite suitable for the whole color scheme of the chosen assets here. But if you want something different, warmer or colder tones, then check the whole collection! 

And the last but not the least is the chapel pillar. Honestly, it gives off the ancient vibe and will work perfectly for the castle scene. Even though it's all covered in moss and looks like it was unoccupied for a long time. Take a look!

Check the Castle Ruins Collection and Megascans Library for more materials!

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