Megascans Digest: Leather and Fabrics

Megascans Digest: Leather and Fabrics

See 5 cool leather and fabric materials from Quixel Megascans Library. 

The colors and textures in the environment can set the whole mood of the project. Bright and velour fabrics can light up the atmosphere while leather elements add a little bit of severity. If you want to learn more about fabric production, we recommend you reading this article on creating fabric materials for UE4 by Ronan Mahon. For the sake of speeding up the production, we chose 5 awesome realistic assets that might come in handy for various environments. Check them out!

Carpets often remind us of home and comfort. Use the Fabric Carpet asset to bring up the coziness in any environment you work on. The color tones and velour texture will also add some ethnic vibe to it. This fabric is quite universal, you can adjust and use it as you wish. 

Contrary to the Fabric Carpet, Studded Leather is a good example of minimalism and restraint. The asset will work best for a sci-fi office or environments alike. Studded leather can be used as decor, too. Don't hesitate to tweak and use it in more unusual ways.

Studded Fabric gives off a softer look compared to leather. We suggest you add it if you want to keep the minimalism but ease up the restraint a bit. 

This is probably the most universal fabric of all the chosen assets. Get creative as much as you can, adjust it the way you want, and there you go!

The last asset stands out from the rest, but it definitely can be a good addition to your scene. Use the oily cloth asset for abandoned places, whether it be a factory, garage, or just an old house. 

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    Megascans Digest: Leather and Fabrics