Megascans Digest: Recreating a Mafia III Scene

Check out 5 Megascans assets that will help you recreate a scene from Mafia III or make a game-inspired environment.

Since Mafia's remastered version was recently delayed, we decided to find assets that will help you build a scene inspired by the last game in the series following the overall gangster mood of the franchise, or recreate an actual environment from the game, - it's all up to you! 

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1. Fine American Road

This surface will fit in almost any scene you'd choose to recreate. Since some actions take place outdoors and on the road, this universal fine road asset will be a great foundation for the ground.

2. Modular Interior Window Wall 4

Making Mafia's houses can be a tricky thing to do since the US architecture of the 1960s featured a mix of styles. This window seems to be a suitable element for old-fashioned buildings that will set the mood of that time. If you're recreating a scene, we'd suggest you change the color to match the facade. 

3. Modular Wooden Door

Another element for old-style residential buildings made in the same style as windows. An easy solution for those who want to create authentic houses with little effort.

4. Beige Brick Facade

There is a handful of buildings with brick facades in the game. They all have different colors and width of the brick but we stack to one particular house and chose this fine beige brick facade asset. Feel free to tweak it or pick up any different surface.

5. Rusty Metal Utility Cover

A little detail that will make your street scene believable since this is one of the most essential details of it. The asset already has a wear-and-tear look with rust and scratches, so you can add it to your project in no time. 

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    Megascans Digest: Recreating a Mafia III Scene