Megascans Digest: Recreating a Scene from Serious Sam

Megascans Digest: Recreating a Scene from Serious Sam

Check out 4 assets that will help you recreate an iconic Egypt location from the Serious Sam franchise. The screenshot is taken from Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope.

With Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass approaching, it's high time to replay the whole series to get into the right mood and refresh the memories. Luxor, Karnak, Great Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings, - all those locations strike a chord and remind of endless battles with Kleers, Kamikazes, Arachnoids, and Reptiloids. If you want to practice some environment art skills and recreate one of those sandy scenes, here are a few Megascans assets for use or inspiration.

Starting with the foreground, this stone floor asset with a square pattern will help you recreate a similar look. This kind of floor is common for Egyptian town locations, and there are a lot of variations of it in Megascans Library.

For the midground, any sand asset will work for the environment. To make add spots of interest, you can add Sam's footprints, Kleer's skulls, and some vegetation like in the original scenes.

Layered Beach Rock asset will be a perfect addition as a background surface for this particular environment.

Unfortunately in Megascans Library, there isn't a big choice for tropical plants and no Palm trees at all but this Silver Lady Fern might fit in. We're positively sure Quixel will add more vegetation of all kinds in the future, though. Meanwhile, this is a great chance to practice and create some vegetation from scratch or work with custom photoscanned materials.

Check out these insightful articles by Rudy Lamotte, Ducrocq Hugo, and Joshua Williams on the topic:

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    Megascans Digest: Serious Sam Scene Recreation