Megascans Digest: Recreating a Scene from The Last Guardian

Check out 5 assets that will help you make a scene inspired by The Last Guardian!

After watching the recent Video Game Esoterica's video on the philosophical concepts in The Last Guardian, we felt really inspired to choose the game for today's digest. The Last Guardian has an absolutely fascinating and soul-touching plot to dive into and some interesting environments that the main character and Trico explore during their journey. Check out the assets that might be helpful if you want to recreate this specific scene or a similar environment inspired by the game. Take a look!

1. Creeper Ivy

Creeper Ivy is definitely a must for the ancient ruins and this scene, in particular. You can see it on the background wall of the temple; the way it grows stretching across the walls adds an atmosphere of the long-forgotten place. There a few options in the Megascans library, so pick up the one you like!

2. Ancient Temple Wall

Ancient Temple Wall will work nicely for the main wall surface in the scene. This asset goes with moss, scratches, and old patterns that'll make your life a bit easier when adjusting the material to the scene.

3. Grass Clumps

You can use any grass asset in the library for this case, all options are great. Just make sure to add it not only on the patches of bare ground but also stones the blades of grass can grow through and you're good to go!

4. Ancient Temple Stairs

These stairs might be a good addition. It comes from the same collection as the Ancient Temple Wall asset, so there would be no problem in matching the styles. 

5. Ancient Temple Lintel

Finally, this lintel asset will be a good addition to any ancient Asian location, including the ones inspired by The Last Guardian. Ethnic architectural ornaments will add to the mystical atmosphere and enrich the overall design of the environment.

We hope this compilation inspired you for a new project! If you're interested in tweaking assets and their textures on your own, Quixel has released a tutorial on how to add textures to Megascans assets using Mixer. In the tutorial, Josh Powers from Epic Games explained the whole process step by step. It's worth checking, for sure!

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    Megascans Digest: Recreating a Scene from The Last Guardian