Megascans: Stump Pack
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Vancouver CA   12, Aug — 17, Aug
London XE   17, Aug — 20, Aug
Cologne DE   19, Aug — 21, Aug
Cologne DE   22, Aug — 26, Aug
Seattle US   28, Aug — 30, Aug
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I'm gonna wait for Steam version

Really cool.

by someone
3 hours ago

Free work is ok if it's not-commercical project, such as modding for game. If it's commercical and they're going to make money off your work then it's unfair.

Megascans: Stump Pack
23 August, 2017

Take a look at a new addition to the Megascans library called STUMP PACK. The pack lets you add detail to your forest scene with a selection of stumps, mushrooms, fungi, moss, leaves, and scatter debris. Bring your micro shots to life with some of the finest detailed scanned scatter assets. A selection of scanned assets for lush and lifelike forest detailing, scanned in a variety of iconic locations around the world. Start creating diverse forest scenery right away with the highest quality natural detailing assets available.


3d Fungi bring scenes to life.

3d Debris

For the finest details.


Vegetation Scans with real translucency.

Hero 3D Scans

Including LODs and high-poly.

View all assets

Physically Based Everything

Each asset includes a wide range of scanned maps, calibrated for the Disney Principled BRDF. Fully separated, flat, consistently processed and fully tileable.

Super-clean 3D

All 3D assets go through a rigorous clean-up, reconstruction and retopology process, ensuring consistent texel density, minimum stretching and full modularity. All meshes include LODs with uniquely baked normals, and what’s more, real-world scale is preserved for zero guesswork.

It is also worth noting that each 3D scan comes with high-poly FBX and OBJ sources, Ztool, and displacement brushes for custom sculpting. You also get the Megascans Bridge, a desktop tool for Mac and PC for easily managing and exporting your downloaded scans.

32 bit Bump and Displacments

For maximum fidelity.

High-poly Ztools

For extra control.

32 bit Sculpting Alphas

For extra customizability.

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Source: Quixel

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