Mesmerizing "Holograms" Made With Voxon VX1 and Blender

Voxon Photonics CEO Gavin Smith experimented with Blender's Vertex Weight Proximity modifier.

CEO at Voxon Photonics Gavin Smith shared a demo showcasing several incredible "holograms" created with Voxon VX1, the company's renowned volumetric display that can create projections of 3D models using millions of points of light and turning them into hundreds of layers.

This time, the creator experimented with Blender's Vertex Weight Proximity modifier, which compares the distance between the vertices of two objects and then allows you to apply influence to another modifier based on that value, using it alongside four other modifiers to set up several gorgeous animations in the software, which were then loaded into Voxon VX1 as a bunch of .obj files. You can check out the results of the experiment attached above or by visiting Gavin's LinkedIn page.

If you would like to learn more about Voxon Photonics and their magical display, we also recommend checking out our 2022 interview with Gavin Smith, who spoke at length about the company's history, told us about the VX1 volumetric display and how it works, and explained how the device can be used to turn your 3D renders into "holograms".

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