Meta Mesh 1.10 Released
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I recommend that you watch his Intro to 3D Coat and Intro to Destruction art videos. After learning the techniques he used in the video this course will make a lot more sense.

AI applications are only beginning to materialize. It's so exciting what neural networks will do to art workflows in the coming years.

W T F!!! Why, really don't understand, EA = just a fucking looser company!

Meta Mesh 1.10 Released
28 July, 2017

The team of 3rd Powers has just released a new version of Meta Mesh. The improved meshing engine can now produce a much more desirable result, featuring tools that can easily adjust the amount of smoothing in a welded part. The team also added 2 types of transformations – Stretch and Size.

For those of you unfamiliar with the toolkit, Meta Mesh is a powerful modeling tool that suggests a new modeling technique by allowing you to interactively weld and hollow out your object in the viewport. The engine allows you to easily weld and hollow out SubPatch objects without spoiling models, as if by editing Metaball, just like a perfect metal worker. Meta Mesh could potentially advance your modeling workflow.

You can get more details on Meta Mesh here.

Buy the toolkit for $88

Source: 3rd Powers

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Bogdan Suprun
Bogdan Suprun

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