Metal Gear Solid Remade in UE4
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We stream high end result to hololens from Unity so imagine this through an AR HMD!

Very informative thread, thank you! Inspiring and reassuring to see the process behind such amazing renders. I started using UE4 a month ago, for a work in my firm and I'm still struggling with some concepts! I wish to see more article like this! Thibault (from France)

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Metal Gear Solid Remade in UE4
6 September, 2018

Erasmus Brosdau is done with Warhammer 40k and launched a new video, showing an UE4-animation based on Metal Gear Solid (via Kotaku).

Erasmus Brosdau and his team are doing a lot of outstanding animations. He and his team created a fantastic animation based on Warhammer 40k, he did his own amazing 3d animation based on the original IP. Today he actually published a fantastic short animation, mimicking the intro to Metal Gear Solid. The whole animation is done within Unreal Engine 4. A great way to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the famous game.

Check out our interview with Erasmus about his Warhammer 40K project.

The Lord Inquisitor: W40K Fan-Film Production Secrets


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