Midjourney Imagined Dune Directed By Sergei Parajanov

The images are created by Giorgio Anselmi.

It might be hard to imagine what some movies would be like if made by other directors, but AI can offer us a glimpse of what could be. Giorgio Anselmi published a series of images made with the text-to-image tool Midjourney demonstrating Dune as directed by Sergei Parajanov. 

Parajanov was a distinguished film director, screenwriter, and artist who created Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors and The Color of Pomegranates. He is often referred to as a “genius,” a “master” and a “magician” by the fans of his work. 

Dune has been directed by several filmmakers, including David Lynch, John Harrison, and Denis Villeneuve. This version made with AI's help looks surprisingly authentic as well. You can see more fascinating images on Facebook.

Giorgio Anselmi also posted some other curious Midjourney creations: Nosferatu as directed by Tom Ford, The Lord of the Rings "made" by Hayao Miyazaki, Batman if it was filmed by Wes Anderson, and more. There is a whole collection of them on Instagram.

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