Mixer 2019 Revealed
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Excellent overview of unreal Ray-Tracing stuff, thank you! Any chance you can add the scene to the asset pack?

So what's exactly the advantage? good would be a direct comparison to known renderers

Mixer 2019 Revealed
15 March, 2019

Mixer 2019 is here, and it’s the biggest ever update for Mixer, coming with powerful new core features. “With the democratization of content through Megascans, we wanted to empower artists to leverage this vast library of scans in the easiest texturing workflow to date, while having total control. That idea became Mixer: a material authoring software with unparalleled speed and a focus on hybrid workflows: scan data, procedurals, hand painting, and sculpting,” states the team.

Mixer 2019 combines the power of scan-based mixing, sculpting and painting, with easy-to-use yet powerful procedural layers. It lets users create completely unique materials – you can generate photorealistic or stylized materials, with infinite variation.

Again, Mixer is totally free for the duration of the beta, so, until the end of the year, you can try out all these new features, even without a subscription.

The biggest new feature in Mixer 2019 is said to be the Mask Stack which unlocks a new level of creativity through a synergy between scans and procedurals, controllable with custom sculpting and hand-painting.

Users can procedurally author, modify, and define materials completely non-destructively, responsively and instantly. The Quixel team states that with zero loading and rendering time, users get instant feedback on their actions and adjustments.

The Mask Stack features two categories of layers — Components and Modifiers. “Components generate all kinds of cool displacements, while modifiers alter and modify it.”

You can learn more about the new version here.

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