Mixing Millennium Falcon & Cartoons From 80s
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Mixing Millennium Falcon & Cartoons From 80s
3 July, 2018

A Reddit user InternetPerson9000 has presented his awesome-looking animated sequence with Millennium Falcon that manages to recreate this special look of 80s Saturday-morning cartoons. The artist used Maya, some cartoon shaders, and a couple of other tricks to set up the whole thing. Well, just enjoy it and let us know what you think.  

I modeled the Falcon in Maya and animated it swooping down. I textured it using cartoon shaders. I then exported it and put the image files into TV paint, where I began work on the background.

I worked on the matte painting in three primary layers. that being background, middle ground, and foreground.

I wanted it to have that painterly quality so I spent hours on the background, looking up the background painting from shows like GI Joe as a reference to how to shade things.

I then animated the smoke and fire by watching video references and places those in the background.

Lastly, I added two little puffs of steam come out of the falcon as it landed. I didn’t really use a reference for those, I just did it by feel.


You can find more details on the work and join the discussion here

Source: reddit.com

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