Modder Turned Skyrim into a Cel-Shaded Cartoon

Modder Turned Skyrim into a Cel-Shaded Cartoon

Primitive visuals of Skyrim make the game look like an epic low poly indie project.

Laughing Squid reported about an amazing The Elder Scrolls Skyrim mod by UniqueUses that turns Bethesda’s grim northern game into a shiny cartoony fantasy world. The new mod is called Toon Skyrim.


UniqueUses changes the realistic look of the game to a lighter and more low poly look. Everything looks much simpler but at the same time the game feels more charming and interesting. This is a work in progress project, so a lot of things are still left untouched. Right now the developers are working on tweaking trees and the text. We should expect to see this project in the Nexus mod community.

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I’m basically making my own potato texture mod, with an ENB and weather that goes with it to help hide that ugly Lod. I like the potato texture style, but I think a lot of fixing up needs to be done for it to be playable. So I’m going to attempt to make things like signs and faces readable but still fit the potato style. For example, certain puzzles need to be seen, so I’m going to edit those.

UniqueUses (via Reddit)

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This is a great example of game visual deconstruction. The composition of Skyrim is actually so good that you can still have a lot of fun with the game and admire the visuals without all the realistic assets and materials. Let’s hope this project finally makes it to the final version and we will have an opportunity to try it out.

Source: Laughing Squid

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  • Arda Tan K. Goker

    What enb did you use in the screenshots, it looks terrific


    Arda Tan K. Goker

    ·11 months ago·

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