Modders found ” pay-to-win potential” in leaked copy of Halo Online
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by Krzysztof Czerwinski
15 hours ago

I bought it, it's really nice and intuitive:) Now i'm waiting for next build with new features:)

I love it!

by Joel Alexandre
2 days ago

Hi. Can you tell how the glass material was made? I found it very interesting.Congratz

Modders found " pay-to-win potential" in leaked copy of Halo Online
7 April, 2015

Halo Online is Microsoft’s new F2P-project for Russia. The game is being developed by 343 Industries, Saber Interactive and Innova Systems. Modders from team ElDorito think this is a bad idea and are already tinkering with the internal build of the game which has been leaked online.


Halo Online © Microsoft, 2015

Halo Online’s monetization system isn’t that original. Players spend credits to buy customized suits for character. No more details available. However modders have some pay-to-win concerns:

We of course still don’t know 100 per cent what items are purchasable with real money, but it would appear at first glance to have pay-to-win potential. We also of course want to play this game, which as far as we see, is a Russian market only game. Microsoft is probably quite bothered by what we’ve done already as these files were leaked. We obtained the files from a user on 4chan’s /v/ board. From there, user Emoose proceeded to create a hack that would allow the client to load files and thus get in game. The files we have are definitely an early internal alpha. A lot of left over code from other Halo games.

Woovie, Modder. TorrentFreak (via Eurogamer).

Microsoft is trying hard to fight the hackers and stop the further distribution of the game’s code. The company took down some leaked information from Github. This however did not stop modders. They have backed up all the data and have the working “research” copy of Halo Online up and running.

Team ElDorito will continue to study the game’s free-to-play system and will potentially release a version without microtransactions. This stripped down copy will be released if Microsoft’s Halo Online will prove to be unplayable because of paymentwalls

Source: Eurogamer

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