Modular Staircase Blueprint for Unreal Engine

This modular pack by Christopher Albeluhn will help you save time on stairs.

Have a look at a blueprint that was designed by Christopher Albeluhn to save time on placing stairs in your scene. The blueprint allows you to use your own assets, update the assets measurements, and scale the blueprint itself to see the results. The author noted that the blueprint will automatically update based on the scale, calculating the appropriate number, sizes, and locations of assets depending on the options you have chosen.

Users can enable and disable each piece, control the height of the floors, control individual materials, draw distances, railing offsets to pull them away from edges, and more. 

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The pack features two blueprints: one for the stairs and the second one is an "assets information tool" to help define the size of assets based on the bounds relative to the pivot point.


  • 6 stair types to choose from: Straight, U-shaped, Square, Zig-zag, L-shaped, or E-shaped
  • Customizable assets: stairs, stair railings, floor railings, railing posts, pillars, trim, trim corner
  • Customizable draw distances for each asset type
  • Set custom materials 
  • More

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