Mojo Vision Started In-Eye Testing for Its AR Smart Lenses

The company's CEO Drew Perkins was the first one to try out Mojo Lens, smart AR lenses that allow putting an AR display directly into your visual cortex.

On Tuesday, Mojo Vision revealed the results of its first feature-complete prototype of augmented reality contact lenses testing.

In March 2022, the company announced its advanced prototype of Mojo Lens, smart AR lenses that allow putting an AR display directly into your visual cortex.

The latest prototype of Mojo Lens is equipped with a MicroLED display with a resolution of 250x250 pixels and a diameter of only half a millimeter. The lenses support a 5 GHz radio frequency and include one of the smallest ARM processors, ARM Core M0, so it can display and overlay digital objects on top of the real image.

The company boasts the ultra-precise eye-tracking capability of the lenses which is powered by a custom-configured accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. The lenses work autonomously from built-in micro-batteries, although the company doesn't specify how long those batteries can hold the charge.

The first person to try out the smart lenses was the company's CEO Drew Perkins.

"Wearing the lens was inspiring. Seeing the future literally put me at a loss for words," he said. "For the entire team, this represents a major step towards the potential for Mojo Lens to improve the lives of millions of people."

Mojo Vision plans to continue the live tests and clinical trials to bring its smart AR lenses to the market one day. The price of such lenses, according to the company, will be something around that of a high-end smartphone.

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