More Content in Mass Effect 3 for N7 Day
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by crowbringer
5 hours ago

This priest surely committed to his celibate there...

Cheap art will be just that. The true value lies in commitment and hard work. This is just a tool and without a creative mind operating it the results will hold no magic. Did photography kill painting? I think both are doing and developing rather well.

by Mark
6 hours ago

Very insightful. Thanks!

More Content in Mass Effect 3 for N7 Day
8 November, 2018

First, there is the Priority Earth Overhaul Mod, which is about final missions with the battle for Earth now having better paced and more varied encounters, additional dialogues and NPC interactions. The pack also adds some new cutscenes too, but the endings here are the same.

The second one is the Expanded Galaxy Mod, which adds more life and detail into Mass Effect’s universe. More customization options aboard the Normandy, several new sets of armor and weaponry to play around with, new Assignment sidequests, and more.

There is also is the Ark Mod with a whole new mission and the ability to deploy your entire crew of heroes instead of just having two companions at your side, plus a collection of remixed multiplayer Hazard Maps with new environmental twists and enemy groups. 

You can learn more about other mods here

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