More Gruesome Mario Characters Made by AI-Powered Software Midjourney

Another vivid experiment with Midjourney.

We know you love AI-created pictures, especially of popular characters, so we got you more. The images are made in Midjourney by Alan Collins.

In case you missed it, Midjourney, like DALL-E 2, generates images based on text input. Seems like it's a bit more artistic as the pictures it makes look more like paintings. Collins asked the neural network to recreate Mario characters in real life.

You can even compare them to what EarlGrey_Picard got:

The creator also made Kirby, although this one was 'demonized' intentionally. "Mario on the other hand, it just went straight horror on it’s own. It obviously isn’t a fan."

Again, Midjourney can create beautiful pictures, and Collins proves it:

You can even create materials with it:

If you enjoy AI's art, you should totally check out the Game of Thrones characters created by Artbreeder based on the books' descriptions. They are, arguably, less terrifying.

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