More Online Courses for Character Artists at YIIHUU

Check out another 5 courses from YIIHUU on character art. The compilation contains overviews of the full production workflow of stylized and cinematic characters, as well as tutorials on hair generation. 

Take a look at character art courses from YIIHUU where experienced artists will guide through each step of the production and share their tricks and approaches. You can purchase any course from the YIIHUU website with a coupon system:

  • code YHJU10 to get 10% for $59 and $69 courses
  • code YHJU20 to get 20% for $99 courses 
  • code YHJU30 to get 30% for $129 courses 

3D Stylized Character Archaeologist: ZBrush-Maya Workflow

Check out a course on creating stylized character art. 3D character artist Guillaume Mahieu will guide you through each step of the production, giving insights, and sharing his tricks. The tutorial will suit nicely both experienced artists and beginners. The course includes 96 lectures with an explanation of workflow in ZBrush, Maya, Marmoset, and Substance Painter.

The tutorial covers:

  • Blockout
  • Highpoly
  • Retopology
  • UVs
  • Baking and Texturing
  • Rigging and Rendering

Lucid, a Fantasy Character Illustration Tutorial

Art director from Indonesia Livia Prima will help you learn how to work in Photoshop to create beautiful fantasy character illustrations. The course has 23 lessons, explaining the foundations of digital illustration, a real-time painting process from zero to finish.

Some insights into the course:

  • Tools and sketching techniques
  • Working with colors
  • Approach to the character: face, body, and outfit
  • Adding details and polishing

Creating an Advanced Cinematic Character - Vagrant Knight

Dive into the creation process of a cinematic character with character artist Huifeng Huang. During the course, Huifeng will share his expertise and workflow in the most common tools used for realistic character production.

What’s inside of the course:

  • Sculpting techniques in ZBrush
  • Working on realistic skin texture in Mari
  • Making hard-surface armor in Substance Painter
  • Creating Hair in X-Gen
  • Rendering in V-Ray

Create Maya Multi-style Hair

Enhance your hair generation workflow with a course guided by Yang Pengcheng. Yang Pengcheng has years of experience in animation and CG arts. In this course, he will share his approach to creating hair using Maya.

The course includes 71 lessons and is divided into the following topics:

  • Introduction to X-Gen
  • Hair Style Theory
  • Case Training

Each block has a thorough analysis of the hairstyles and its creation process, discussion of possible mistakes based on real cases, and adjustment techniques.

Please, note that you will need to be advanced in modeling skills for complicated hairstyles.

Wilderness Warrior - Advanced Film and Television Full Body Character Creation Tutorial

Check out a detailed workflow for a cinematic full-body character project. Mauro D'Elia Matheus did a detailed walkthrough, sharing his knowledge in creating a full character for film projects. Learn each step starting from the concept and finishing by adding details for the realistic look.

The course’s plan:

  • Concept and high-poly sculpting in ZBrush
  • Topology workflow in Maya
  • Texturing in Substance and Mari
  • Shaders and mapping approach
  • Hair and fur production in X-Gen
  • Rendering in Maya

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