Motion Design: Oddly Satisfying Videos

Check out 5 motion designers who create satisfying and addictive videos!

For this weekend's article, we found 5 motion designers who are extremely talented in making oddly satisfying videos that you can watch on repeat endlessly. We've added some videos to demonstrate their works but don't forget to check their linked social media accounts where they post new stuff regularly.

Cautious: these videos can be a bit addictive!

1. Wirginia Romanowska

  • VFX Artist at Epic Games
  • Based in Plano, United States
  • VFX Artist at Epic Games
  • Her Instagram and Vimeo profiles.

2. Andreas Wannerstedt

  • Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist
  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden
  • His Instagram page and website

3. Quentin Lengelé

  • Tech Artist, Creative Director, Software Engineer
  • Based in Chaumont-Gistoux, Belgium
  • His Instagram page and website

4. BastardFilms

  • 3D Artist & Video Editor
  • Works in C4D, Octane, AE
  • Check his account on Instagram

5. Paul Esteves

If you're interested in the production side of motion design, then we suggest you check this interview with 2 motion designers, Alexander Pimenov and Dmitry Bubyakin, who shared their workflow in detail. We also had an opportunity to do an interview with Quentin Lengelé, where he shared a more complicated and advanced approach to fluid simulations. 

The cover image is an artwork by Wirginia Romanowska.

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    Motion Design: Oddly Satisfying Videos