NDM Phoenix – Non-Destructive Tools for Maya

NDM Phoenix – Non-Destructive Tools for Maya

A custom toolkit by Baidhir Hidair which is all about non-destructive workflow.

Baidhir Hidair has released a custom toolkit for Maya called NDM Phoenix, which is all about non-destructive workflow. The toolkit adds Quad Chamfer modifier, Shell Modifier and other tools for you to accomplish modeling tasks more easily. 

Let me explain myself : Beside Crease+ I worked on that tool, My goal was initially to reproduce @kidintwo3 ; ‘s Shell Mod (Hello friend) , and I ended up with Phoenix Metaphors in my head, plus a suite of modifiers and tools to develop. The latter guy is a huge inspiration for me, also because I modeled in Max and was missing that “mod feelin” in Maya. It was a pain to develop because one would assume it requires to go API senior Level (and it explicitly does). At the end of the day It’s super fast, notably speaking of the Quad Chamfer like thingy I designed to update quickly. Also you can use ANY modeling tools, command on the control mesh, if you delete the History (And I do that alot) Connection won’t be broken

Baidhir Hidair

The project is currently compatible with Maya 2016, 2016 Ext 2, 2017, including Maya LT versions (possibly compatible with Maya 2015). Mac is not supported officially, but some users managed to launch it on Mac.

What is more, you can check out this thread for more details. You can also contact Baidhir for more information, questions and requests.

Get NDM Phoenix for $8

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