Necropolis to be released in Summer on PC and consoles
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Birmingham GB   20, Sep — 24, Sep
Chiba JP   20, Sep — 24, Sep
Ohio US   21, Sep — 24, Sep
Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
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Necropolis to be released in Summer on PC and consoles
26 February, 2016

Action-roguelike title necropolis from Harebrained Schemes has been delayed for PC, but there’s something good in that delay. Game will not only be released on PC, but also hit both Xbox One and PS4 markets.

Our plan is to self-publish the game on Steam and for BANDAI NAMCO to release NECROPOLIS on Xbox One and PS4. That’s a pretty big deal for us! First, getting that kind of recognition from the publisher of Dark Souls is kind of amazing and we hope it will raise the profile of the game. But more important than that, BANDAI NAMCO knows how to bring games to consoles. They know the technical certification requirements, they know how to work with the PSN and Xbox stores, and they know how to market games to reach the right audience. I’ve seen a lot of posts on this forum talking about how people have never heard of NECROPOLIS and how we have to step up our game to get the word out. Message received.

Mitch Gitelman, Head of Harebrained Schemes

It is said that the delay is not BANDAY NAMCO’s decision. Developers just have to take time to do their best and release great versions for both consoles and PC. So Harebrained Schemes still has a lot to do.


For those who have preordered the title, there are two options: you either cancel the order on Steam or wait a little longer to get even better experience. Make sure to share your thought on the news.

Source: steamcommunity

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