Nelo hits Kickstarter

Nelo hits Kickstarter

Nelo is a sci-fi action game for gamers, who want to test themselves. Nelo hybrids gameplay of twinstick shooters with modern action

Nelo is a sci-fi action game for gamers, who want to test themselves. Nelo hybrids gameplay of twinstick shooters with modern action games, as well as offer many other unique mechanics and gameplay scenarios. It takes inspiration from retro-like shooters such as Geometry Wars and Robotron 2084 and turns it into an intense, 3 dimensional action-adventure experience with a gritty, sci-fi art direction. Recently the title was brought to Kickstarter.

The story is about an Alien Character named Nelo Aukal. His people, the Tono Gians are at war with their Ai creations called the Nightsithe. When their planet, Tono Gia, was suffering from overpopulation, the Nightsithe were created to search through deep space to find and harvest resourceful planets. The Nightsithe mistake the Tono Gians’ home planet as a target for harvesting, and has forced the people to escape the planet and find a new home on their own. Your character, Nelo, was awaken from cryo-sleep only to discover that he is the only survivor of a ship that crash landed on another alien planet that was once ruled by another advanced civilization called the Plemnibon. Unfortunately, the planet Plemniba is now a hostile home world to the Nightsithe. Nelo must find his way to escape the planet and rendezvous with the rest of his people.



For you to make the decision, developers prepared a small playable pre-apha demo. That’s what they have to say about their gameplay:

Nelo and Jaymar, are Elite Zenith class warriors for the Tono Gian resistance, who are equipped with the Quasar suit, A power suit that grants them super speed, agility, and advanced mobility like power gliding, wall jumping, air dashing, and meteor attacks. But more notable, Nelo and Jaymar’s suits are wirelessly connected to the Hands of Aphelion, an array of four floating mechanical hands that allow them to wield up to four conventional weapons all at once. You can enter battle simultaneously firing four assault rifles or how about a Submachine gun, a shotgun, a laser beam, and a rocket launcher. The Hands of Aphelion allow the player to mix and match the four weapons they want to use for their own recipe of carnage. Because the hands aren’t physically connected to your character’s body, this allows them to aim independently from the direction your character is facing. The Hands of Aphelion can also grab and throw physics object and even enemies which can be used like improvised grenades. The hands can also be used as deadly, ranged melee weapons.



The game is being developed with the help of Unreal Engine 4. You can support the game on Kickstarter or by voting on Steam Greenlight.

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    Nelo hits Kickstarter